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Loving Pets Silent Double Diner Cat and Dog Food Bowl

Loving Pets Silent Double Diner Cat and Dog Food Bowl

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  • Loving Pets Silent™ Double Diner Bowls for Dogs, 1 Pint.
  • Noise-free dining.
  • Thanks to our patent-pending removable rubber rings.
  • Vet recommended stainless steel (Resists bacteria).
  • Dishwasher safe bowls (Removable rubber rings).
  • Skid-proof, slide-proof, scratch & bite-proof.
  • Choice of three colors to match any decor.
  • Available in four sizes.

Loving Pets Silent™ Double Diner, 1 Pint. No more rattling bowls or sliding stands! Enjoy blissful silence as your dog dines from our raised Silent Double Diner. This patent pending elevated bowl set features sound deadening rubber rings around veterinarian recommended stainless steel bowls. The stainless steel stand uses skid-free rubber feet to eliminate noise and prevent sliding and spilling. The color coordinated rubber rings and feet are removable, making the diner completely dishwasher safe.

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