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Catnip Ball Toy Catnip Balls for Cats Wall 4 Pack Cat Nips Organic Ball Edible Kitten Toys Interactive Cat Lick Chew Toy Indoor Cat Toy Cat Wall Treats for Cat Teeth Cleaning Relieve Cat Anxiety

Catnip Ball Toy Catnip Balls for Cats Wall 4 Pack Cat Nips Organic Ball Edible Kitten Toys Interactive Cat Lick Chew Toy Indoor Cat Toy Cat Wall Treats for Cat Teeth Cleaning Relieve Cat Anxiety

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  • 【Unique crab catnip ball toy】Catnip toys set includes 4 crab-shaped catnip ball toys, each cat mint ball can be used individually, Catnip wall toy comes with strong self-adhesive tape, catnip licking balls for cats are not easy to fall off. The cat nip ball can be glued to any flat and smooth surface such as walls, windows, table legs, floors, etc. Relieve Kitten stress, anxiety and boredom, and effectively help cats adapt to various new environments
  • 【catnip ball toy high-quality plant material】 crab catnip ball toy is made of high-quality catnip and glutinous rice flour, which is safe and non-toxic. catnip ball contain no chemical additives catnip balls contain no toxic or addictive ingredients. Provide safe and healthy catnip toys for kitten, high-quality cat nip ball to attract cats to play, and provide cats with the best companionship
  • 【Keep cats healthy and happy】The rich plant fiber in cat chew toy can promote digestion, enhance appetite and remove hairballs. Kitten's use of catnip toy ball also improves the oral health of kittens by effectively reducing plaque and tartar in cats, freshening breath. Cat nips organic ball bringing you closer to your pet while keeping your beloved cat healthy and happy
  • 【Removable dust cover】Each catnip wall balls for cats is equipped with a dust cover, remove the dust cover equipped with the cat mint ball when in use, and cover the dust cover when the catnip balls for cats are not in use, which can effectively avoid Dust and odors, keep the flavor of cat nip balls, easy to use again. Effectively prolong the service life of wall catnip ball.
  • 【Note】Cat sensory toy are mainly made of catnip. According to our long-term experiments, about 80% of cats will be interested in catnip balls, but a few cats under 3 months may not be interested in catnip rollers. If your cat is not interested in our catnip toys, please feel free to contact us and we will give you a full refund.

Catnip Ball Toys 4 Pack Edible Kitty Toys Cat Lick Chew Toy Cat Nips Organic Ball Crab Catnip Interactive Rotatable Indoor Cat Toy Cat Wall Treats for Cat, Kitten, Teeth Cleaning Relieve Cat Anxiety

Catnip Ball Product Features

😸Catnip wall ball is made of high quality cat mint and glutinous rice flour, it is a safe and healthy cat treat toys

😸Catnip is a cat's favorite treat and toy,for cats who are in anxiety and tension, it can relieve the cat's anxiety

😸The plant fiber in catnip wall balls for cats can help cats eliminate hairballs, which increases appetite

😸When the cat bites or licks the catnip ball, the teeth cleaning cat bite toy can effectively clean the cat's teeth.

😸Edible cat nips organic ball can improve cat health and bring happiness to cats

😸Catnip balls come with dust cover and glue

😸Cat nip ball can be rotated 360° for better interaction with cats

Catnip Wall Balls for Cats Product Use Steps

1. Keep the sticking surface clean and smooth without foreign matter

2. Tear off the sticker on the back of the catnip toy

3. Attach catnip toys to the surface

4. Wait for the cat nip toys to stick firmly and then remove the dust cover for the cat to play with

4 Pack Magic Cat Balls Include

Blue catnip ball*2

Green catnip ball*1

Pink catnip ball*1

Catnip Ball Toy Precautions

1. The catnip wall ball is not suitable for all cats, but most cats are very sensitive to catnip

2. Do not use catnip balls on cats under 6 months and pregnant cats

3. Don't use catnip ball too often for cats. If you use catnip ball too many times, the cat will not be sensitive to this smell.

4. When the cat nip ball is not in use, please fasten the dust cover to avoid moisture.

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